Rick Adler & Associates offers training in leadership skills. We utilize several resources to determine your and/or your organization’s culture, capacity, and competency needs. Each situation is unique and our service offerings are designed to help our clients take their next step. In some cases measuring cultural health or engagement is next, for others it is a much more personal journey where assessments and coaching are most important. No two organizations or leaders are the same; your evaluation will map out the custom plan for you and your company.


Our training in leadership skills creates space for “leadership to happen”

  • Demystifying employee engagement
  • Delivering a data-driven process with actionable steps
  • Creating more resilient cultures
  • Identifying team or individual prescriptive solutions
  • Moving the dial on an organization's health
  • Elevating competency from line managers to the boardroom
  • Equipping line-level managers with practical tools for leadership
  • Moving participants from management to leadership
  • Creating a climate where Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership thrives
  • Creating the case, margins and tools for personal development plans
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  • “Rick Adler's coaching changed how I see myself, my work, and the world. I entered our conversations feeling fractured -- unsure about what I was called to do and dissatisfied with what I was doing. Rick's tools -- conversation, questions, self-evaluations, and gently offered insights -- helped me see that behind that fractured feeling was a way of working in the world and being with others that had coherence and integrity. I can only liken the overall effect to looking through a kaleidoscope, and with Rick's patient help, turning my life until it came into focus as a complex but organized thing of beauty.” - Gary D., United States
  • "When Rick is around leadership happens", and "After working with Rick I feel empowered to be able to live my life." - Joe V., United States
  • "Ordinary things become extraordinary when Rick is behind you encouraging and coaching, helping you to connect with motivation to fuel your dreams and goals.

    He is someone that will support you on your journey to achieve your goals but beyond that also becoming the best version of you." – Luis F., Costa Rica

  • Working with Rick was a very positive experience. The systematic data driven approach was complimented by a kindness and wisdom that only comes from experience. The leadership coaching sessions never failed to produce excellent results. Rick's candor and humor were quite refreshing. The progress I have made in the last six months of my career is undoubtedly thanks to Rick's insights and patience. I would highly recommend his services!" – Joe K., United States



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